As I starting working at a computer shop I have ran into many people that wanted to just know how to use the program they had, or were getting something like Excel to do a certain job better.  The other thing I noticed is that so many people think that computers are just really awful and loathe using them for whatever reason.

The thing that I want to stress more than anything as I start this blog and move forward with my consulting business is that technology really does make life easier, think of all the communication that is possible anywhere in the world.  All the books and information you can keep in spreadsheets and emails, and all the portability you get from mobile devices and online services!

The way I see it the only barrier to software is not knowing how to use the program, with my consulting and blog I hope to make that easier for as many people as possible.

This blog also server to show how online marketing is done, that it is not an overnight thing.  Six months from now I will include online marketing and presence once I can show that I have done it myself.  Many have been turned off to services and consulting about getting noticed online because nothing happens in the first few weeks.  This is also a blog about business, money and moving up in life.  Hence the name “Harts Office”.  I live in offices and have worked with a lot of office dwellers helping with office software, tech support, customer support and of course mapping out the zombie contingency plans.  I hope you all enjoy this blog, thanks for reading!