This is one of the greatest pitfalls for organizations, small businesses, and myself.  You start working on something, you figure out how you’re going to get something done, especially one the computer, and just as you get in the groove you hear of a different system.  Granted if you were doing something the slow way then by all means change it, but don’t change everything every something new comes out just for the sake of it being new, let me give some examples.

College notes:

When I was starting college I was married, making next to no money and took my notes on good old fashioned paper.  But by golly I had to have an iPod just like everyone else!  I took a graveyard job that I could not bring my notes and textbooks to.  My brilliant idea was to have all my notes in my Gmail account so that I could lose my papers but still be able to find my notes.  I studied my notes from work in a browser…until a few things happened, social sites were blocked, sometimes the internet did not work and so on and so forth.

I am a nerd and so when I have a device I have to do everything that the device is capable of, and to my academic salvation I found that my 30 gig iPod could save text file and display them (this was well before the iPhone and iPod touch).  While not the most ideal way to study it got me decent grades.  I felt pretty proud of myself, then I discovered some online office suites and my mind exploded, I put all my notes in there since it was not blocked.  Well the management did not want me on those sites, anything and everything iPod related is fine in the down time, but not these sites that might compromise the company.  I try to always be a good employee so I complied and went back to the iPod system wasting a lot of time that I could have been studying.

Two things about this example is that don’t waste time switching between systems that work for whatever you are trying to get done, and make sure that if they involves others resources that you have their okay…in general if you want control over your systems you use for study, work or the like then use your own stuff.

Internal Support

I worked for a company that had it’s internal support documentation scattered all over different internal servers and even several employees who figured out how to get stuff done who made some homebrew support documentation.  I had the bright idea (that I later found out many others had) to consolidate all of these or at least have a web page that linked to all of them.  Some others that I worked with were excited and wanted to add all these chat features and bulletin boards that were not really necessary.  So when it came time to show this idea to management it never made it.

The one thing to take away from example is that when you are creating a workflow or system that you should focus on the end goal, mine in this case was to have information readily available, not discuss it at length.  Beside there is one way to set up the internal software for employees to use .

I think about posting something like this every time I am faced with something that just needs to be done and it is held up forever on the planning stage, there should be a planning stage, but there should also be action and consistency.  If you are thinking of contacting someone just do it, don’t get bogged down in the dozens of way that you can do so.