This is a fun topic and one that the industry of technology is expanding rapidly in.  Phones, tablets, computer, and lifestyles are all about being portable these days.  It’s funny to me that when I made it so that I could live portable I still wanted a place I could and and just focus and do my work.  But now it seems that you have to be ready to work, create, invent and recall from anywhere.  At work I have downtime and at home I will often be working on a solution for something at work.

The best thing that I have ever used in my ventures to be mobile is a software suite called “Portable Apps”
You put the main suite on your flash drive and then any time you are on a Windows based computer you can click and have your own start menu, with all your own applications that retain all your settings ad documents.  I have found this the most effective in my web development work with the Kompozer web editor, my web hosting support with Filezilla, and of course the office suites such as Open Office and Libre Office.

Don’t depend on an internet connection to make you portable, there are plenty of cases where a data phone cannot get a signal, or the signal is too slow.  There have been many a times when I see sales people try to show a house or a car on their device just to have it show a 404 error.