USB sticks are getting bigger all the time, I remember as a kid get ones that were 16 MB, and even before that when I was really young and fancied myself as a writer I would keep documents on a floppy disk, thinking I will never fill that with text!  In college I bought a 4 gig stick thinking was huge! And it really was, it held everything I needed, and then it died just a few weeks ago, my new USB is 32 gigs!  I have my consulting PowerPoints, documents, spreadsheets, music, pictures and portable applications on it!  I was loading some training videos on it for Excel when I was rather close to my limit.  It hit me, I can always fill up the space, but I have to have all my important stuff.  Well not all of it is important.

Some reasons to use your USB stick space wisely:

*  You can always get to your music, but you may need your documents

*  Backing up your USB stick should not take all night

I got videos and music on my flash drive, and I work on a lot of important documents, in this reason I am not saying you should not have your entertainment on there, but that you should know what important and back it up…BACKING UP IS IMPORTANT…crappy things happen to flash drives, what if an old school buddy pushes you in the pool?

*  If you need a file from someone and your drive is full, you look silly as you cry over deleting other things.

This all may be a mute discussion, just some ideas I had as I was moving files around.  But if you have a smaller jump drive or have a lot of stuff then look at everything you have and make a list of what’s most important to what’s least important and make sure the former make it to your flash drive.

What can be use as a flash drive?


*  USB stick (of course)

*  You phone (a smartphone and one that is not an iPhone…I hope that changes soon)

*  Your mp3 player (most iPods, and almost all other brands of mp3 players)

*  SD cards (make sure you can use these everywhere you would need to, USB is much more likely available)

If you have any other thoughts on this let me know!