Since I started at Reality Bytes in Drumheller Alberta, I have had many customers come in and say that everyone tells them they should get a Mac.  I have nothing against Mac computer and I have a Mac Mini in the family room that my wife mostly uses.  I like it, but I also like my Windows 7 machine,  and truth be told my like my Ubuntu Linux machine the best.  Mac isn’t better, it is different, and it will not magically make you a better computer user, there is a learning curve!

When I want to get work done I go to my Linux laptop, when I am at work I am using Windows 7 and portable apps,  when I am home I will check some stuff on the Mac mini.

Focus on what you need and want,  Macs are well built but expensive.  Linux can be installed on almost anything and you can keep your old or current computer still working with great speed.

If you want my opinion then Linux (Ubuntu Linux 10.10) is the best Operating System,  Mac is the best multimedia machine, and Windows is great for being compatible with most things the general public will use on a daily basis.  All this is subject to drastically change every six months!