I am not a fan boy per se, but the kindle really is a fantastic device.  My sister bought one for school thinking that it would do what a tablet does, she was not at all impressed.  I have heard a lot about them and dismissed it.  But after watching “The Big Bang Theory” and Sheldon Cooper said something about his I decided I should try it out.  I traded my sister an iPod (that another sister gave to me) and put a bunch of PDF’s for work and learning purposes.  It was so easy on the eyes that I describe it as “it is like cute little puppy dogs are licking my eyes!” Well that is what just came out, I realize that puppy licking my eyeballs would hurt pretty bad, but you get the idea.

I read more in the first month of having that Kindle than I have in the last year,  even better when I wanted to buy a book from Amazon it was just suddenly there! (I was connected to wifi of course since this is a wifi only Kindle).  This also truly solved the dilemma of carrying multiple books around, since consecutive reading from a laptop or tablet is still very hard on the eyes.  I was reading from an Android phone off the Kindle software before this and thought the distribution was neat, but now a whole new world is opened up to me where I can read all the time and it seems that the Kindle is better on the eyes than real books are.

Some interesting notes:

The “Bourne Identity” book is much different than the movie and I would say much better.

“Fight Club” is really different and a much better book than movie.

You feel like you have read a lot less than you really have as well when you start reading exclusively from a Kindle.

Four gigs is plenty of space when you are talking about books, and the only worthwhile hack for a kindle is be able to change up your screensaver images.