Since 2007 when Ubuntu figured out how to service wifi cards in laptops I have used nothing but Linux on my computers.  In the middle of 2011 I have been sucked back into using Windows and Microsoft Office 2010.  Then, after multiple quick discussions with people around me I got some teaching opportunities at a school teaching Excel and Word,  of course I had to pass the courses in order to teach so I got to work.  I noticed the Office 2010 is really an amazing product, the Ribbon is like an all you can eat buffet, and if you need something, it magically appears in the ribbon and gives you more options to choose from.

Now if you want or have to go the extra mile to become certified in any of the Office 2010 programs, you will find all kinds of golden nuggets that are rather easy to use once you know they are there.  Being a Linux guy I will still tell you to get Libre Office, but if you already have Office 2010 or use it at work, I think you are in a treat compared to earlier versions!