“All I want is…”  this is the answer to the question I always ask when people come in the shop in Drumheller, they want a computer that just does email, Facebook, maybe some banking and some games.  They hate that they have to upgrade or discard their old computer.  I never open this can of worms at work cause it would just take to long and I have to help other people who also come into the store, but the answer is LINUX!  If you are doing nothing but internet related items then you can use Linux, Linux has a ton of different flavours, you can get a lightweight Linux for older machines, you can get a PVR ready version, media ready versions or plain vanilla versions that can have anything installed on it.  And it is FREE!

Linux has a ton of games that are free, compilers, web browsers, chat clients, movie and music players, and it is getting more and more all the time.  I honestly don’t understand how Ubuntu Linux is not dominating the world right now!

In my consulting I plan to have a “free night” at the school where I am teaching and I hope to show people what I mean.

P.S.  Tablets and Smartphones are also at the point where they cover the “All I want…” needs as well.