Since as far back as I can remember I have been a “Computer Guy”, I knew the lingo and could do anything anyone else could do.  The older I got this was pretty cool, some guys are all about cars, others all about playing the guitar or what have you.  It was a nice way of identifying myself and a lot of my identity was built around it.

Well as time progress there were plenty of people who asked for help on their computers, many time I had to figure out the problem and get back to them.  Pretty soon it was a chore to be a “Computer Guy”, I didn’t recall that the title meant I was a drop everything in my life and fix your computer guy, nor do I recall that it meant I was 24/7 free tech support.  It came to a point that I started telling everyone “I don’t know, I have no idea.”

“But you’re the computer guy!”

At one point an ex-girlfriend told me that a boy she knew could build a computer, circles around me, and repeated it many times.  While I am sure she said it to be spiteful I knew she was right, I have yet (to this day of this writing) to build a computer from scratch.  So am I really a computer guy, I would still say yes.  But something needs to be pointed out, not every Computer Guy (or Girl) knows everything there is to know about every computer and every computing device.  I know Office applications, I know how to do some programming (most in Android apps) and I know a fair amount about Linux (as long as it is Ubuntu 10.10 or similar distribution that is running Gnome 2 as the GUI).  Many other computer guru are solely focused on networking, and then there are those exceptional people who really do many different programs and operating systems.

Another thing to note is that if you are a whiz at Facebook…YOU ARE NOT A COMPUTER GENIUS!  But… when someone needs help with Facebook or the like and you are able to help them, then you are the “Computer Guy”  So if you need help with your computer or somebody needs help with their computer from you, be sure to let them know what you are good at in computers, and when you ask me for help I will tell you what I am good at.