If you have been in any particular industry long enough, you know exactly what a poser is, and what they sound like.  In my line of work where I dabble in programming and web hosting, along with Office application usage, I run into people who list off (Listing off is a good sign that the person might be a poser, but not always) all the things that they can do and languages that they can program in.

BUT when you say, “Wow that is awesome lets get together and make something that will make us rich!”

They say “Oh no I am doing way too many important things.” or “I am just too far above you.”  And you notice they are applying at Wal-marts and call centers, you have to wonder…why wouldn’t you take all you amazing knowledge and talent and make something of yourself, I know I would rather be writing some neat code or doing something nifty in an office application than running a till all day.

The bottom line is, don’t list off what you can do, I really don’t care, show me what you can do, or admit what you don’t know and get in the business of learning it so you can do all the things you “list off”.

Linus Torvalds (the creator of the Linux Kernal) said, “Talk is cheap, show me the code!”