I have noticed that some people have a bad impression with people who have tutors.  For one you can consider your tutor a mentor and then it sounds cool like a Jedi or something.  But more importantly there is nothing wrong with getting a tutor.  I am terrible at math, I used all the free tutoring  I could get from my University, and when that was not enough I paid tutors to help me with College Algebra, I needed to know that stuff but I could not do it on my own, now I know it (somewhat better) and I have been able to move up and on with my life.

With software always changing and people being so busy, they don’t have time to youtube and google blitz the subject until they are pro at that particular program.  With a tutor you can cut right to the meat and get the help that you need, saving time and…money, yes money even if you are paying for the tutoring because you will waste time trying to teach yourself that you could have been producing.

Now if you are a good self learner then you can disregard this post, and many people are, myself, the only way I can learn is by doing it, and when it came to learning all the way to take care of my car I was glad to have a mechanic teach me….I also learned that I could never be a good mechanic.