Jon Acuff’s book titled “Quitter” was a hard pill to sallow.  I bought the book thinking that it would ramp me up to quit my day job and get me racing on my dream work and income.  But instead it gave me the hard truth that I already knew was the truth and slapped me in the face with it.  The first chapter is “Don’t quit your day job.”  While those are the words I hear toxic people say cause they aren’t willing to do what it takes to succeed and don’t want you to either, I made myself keep reading.  Mostly because I asked my wife if I could blow ten dollars on a kindle book that Dave Ramsey keeps suggesting and didn’t want to blow the investment….of a whole whopping ten dollars.

Anyhow, the book walks you through all the reasons and the logic and the emotional strings of not killing your dreams with being impulsive, lazy, or mellow dramatic in the name of following your dream.  I read this at a pinnacle time.  I am getting a lot more responsibility at my current job and seeing the dream job slip away.  This book show you reasons to be grateful for your day job and work towards your dream job.

The score card of wither or not you are ready to quite your day job was a fantastic touch, I scored a measly 24 and the book suggested that I keep at it and I am in the beginning stages, which I know is true.  I am really impatient and probably should have had a lot more points taken away according to the scorecard, but I just didn’t want to believe it.

This book is not a magic pill that will make it so you can quit your day job right away, but it is a magic pill in that if you accept the realities that it points out, you will be well on your way to be able to quit you day job, be a hero to your spouse, kids, friends, family and whoever, and start enjoying your work!

This book is what good friends should be telling you, thanks Acuff for showing me that I had broccoli in my teeth!