I have talked to people with Cable and Satellite tv, and there are “smart” tv’s coming out that have various features that people pay a lot of money for.  But I would recommend getting a computer that can connect to your television and then all your needs are covered, of course my favorite program for something like this is XMBC


For starters with XBMC you can view all your pictures, Movies, and listen t music.  They are getting more plugins all the time and it is all free.

I first starting playing with XBMC when I hacked my original Xbox and replaced the 8 gig hard drive with a 100 gig hard drive.  Then I put all all my wifes photos (and mine too) and had the photos run as the screensaver.  Then we would always reminisce and get the most from them, then as we starting making home videos and my daughter came along it was easy to view those whenever we wanted!  Xbmc was originally a hack for the Xbox but now it runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux!