I had a busy couple of days come up and a lot of stuff I had to get done, so first thing in the morning I would get a large Red Bull, it did the trick alright, so I got a Red Bull 3 days in a room, on that 3rd or 4th day I was really light headed, and the tinyest stress causes things would be too much to bear.  I also couldn’t get my body to shutdown at night so I lost a bit of sleep, the bags under my eyes got bigger and darker and in the morning I thought I could not move on without another Red Bull.

Needless to say I needed to cut back or stop drinking them all together, so I have a few thoughts about Caffeine:

*  Caffeine burns energy, does not create it:  If you drink a lot of caffeine on an empty stomach you are in for bad day,  it does not magically make energy where there was none, and does not make up for lost sleep.

*  Caffeine is the little sister of Meth:  Caffeine is a drug, it is a mood altering drug and has many of the effects of drugs.

*  Caffeine halflife is roughly 6 hours:  In an average adult the caffeine halflife is 6 hours.  This means that your body dispels about half of your caffeine intake every six hours, if you have 100 mg of it at noon then by six o’clock you will have 50 mg in your system, and by midnight you will have 25 mg.  I don’t how the science of that works, but it takes a long time to get rid of it and you will have some bad sleep with a lot of it in your system.

There are a lot of other facts about caffeine I could state, but the point is don’t over do it!  I won’t stop drinking Red Bulls or Pepsi’s but for my health and sleep I try to stay cognisant of these facts.