I have purchased and sold many a cell phone, and the thing that I keep noticing is there are a few who’s phone last for a very long time, but that most people with cell phones, they only last around a year before they have problems, the phone gets outdated, or the phone gets damaged somehow, plus many things in life can change from year to year so different plans and possibly different phones are needed.

So the thesis of this post is that phone contracts should only be a year, in the States it is always a 2 year, and in Canada you can get a 1, 2, or 3 year contract, but you only get good deals on phones for 3 year contracts, and that is almost a never the life expectancy of a cell phone.  For companies to make more durable phones is very unlikely and really cool phones are coming out every few months.

Also there is the issue of software and support for all these smartphone are reduced drastically to make way for the new phone, so if the paln is to sell a person a phone every six month the plans should definitely be shorter.