I moved to Drumheller Alberta, Canada to pursue my dream of getting out of debt, there are more jobs here than where I was before, less competition for those jobs and actually benefits.  But I would still like to move back to Utah where I grew up, I like it there I have a handle for the land and places and people, relationships and so on.  But when I told my wife that I was thinking we could just move back in a year or so she reminded me that we had three year contracts with our phones and our internet provider.  She says that we are here for at least three years!

It hit me hard how our choices are made by something like a cell phone or getting on the internet!  How much power that had over us.  It is not necessarily a bad thing, but I agree with my wife that we cannot afford the large buyout fees.  So my thoughts are now that when we make it rich off our hard work that we will buy the less confining cell phone plans and internet provision.

Think about all the other contracts out there that control our lives, credit and student loan debt, any debt for that matter.  I would suggest having stability in your life but don’t get locked down!