We all have our ups and downs when it comes to finances, we all get in a pinch, and what a lot of us do when we are there is sell everything we have get out of the pinch.  I am all for this, I listen to Dave Ramsey and he is always saying sales so much that the dog and kids think their next!  But there is one principle that I learned when trying to sell stuff and that is if the value that others are willing to pay does not match the utility value that you give the item…THEN DON’T SALE!  Not let me qualify this, if you are starving, or the lights will be shut of that changes the game and you just sell the item.

From Wikipedia Utility is defined as: referring to the total satisfaction received by a consumer from consuming a good or service.  I bought an original xbox from a pawn shop sometime in 2007.  A few buddies of mine and I hacked it and got XBMC running on it and replaced the 8 gig hard drive with a 100 gig hard drive, and now I had a machine that I could listen to all my music, see all my pictures, and play lots of movie, and save my games to the hard drive so I didn’t have to pull out the discs all the time.  Since then that xbox has been a staple of my digital media consumption, but my wife and I have gotten in a few pinches and I am the worse for going overboard to sell everything, when I was trying to sell the xbox, no one with a serious offer would go over $50, I was appauled.  To build a computer that would do the same thing would at the cheapest be $300, and for the endless hours of entertainment you get from it it has to be worth more than $50.  Still no one would budge and I accepted that I wasn’t going to survive this pinch from an xbox sell.  I still have that xbox today and it has all my wedding pictures, home videos, and music.  We don’t use it much anymore since we have Netflix on a Wii.  But I still would not let it go for $50.  I will keep in till the thing shorts or fries or whatever.

Computer are some of the greatest things when it comes to Utility.  For a few hundred bucks you get a machine that can do endless things, and the only reason that you would need a beefier machine is too play games, and if you are playing games then you got enough money and time…It amazing me that on a bad month of eating out we can spend upwards of $200 on fast food and each day that utility is gone and with a computer, even a really cheap one, you are rocking with that machine for at least 6-8 months.  (Note: if you torrent, frostwire, look at porn, or any other questionable things without keeping your computer clean and protected, it is your fault if the computer has problems at anytime in your ownership.)