Wow, so the WordPress software that help me manage this blog give this title as something to write about.  What would I change about my education?  Well looking back this makes the question a lot easier.

1.  I would have only taken classes that I liked or that were truly and investment.  By this I mean I would have taken more German because I want to go to Germany someday.  I would have skipped Ethics and Values because in college the only ethics and values you have to have is that everything is okay except thinking that everything is not okay.  Oh and hate capitalism….which I don’t and won’t plan on doing…ever.

I think the time I spent is college was a huge benefit, but these are the things I would have changed.

I think the question was intended to start a conversation that would help myself grow in the discussion of it, let me know what you would have changed and why, or if you would not have changed anything at all.