I was thinking of this topic one day because the night before I believe I was experiencing it first hand.  At first when I thought of the weird night I had before I researched Analysis Paralysis.  Let me explain, the night before (before I researched these topics) I wanted to write blog post and do research, but I head just wasn’t in the game, so I ate something, then I drank something, then I tried to see if I wanted to watch something on Netflix, but I felt that I should be working on something, so I went back to the computer…and nothing, it took a considerable amout of mental energy to even open a word processor or a browser.  I started thinking something is wrong with me, then I was anxious over thoughts of being a big failure if I cannot do anything this night then I just can’t do it…

In retrospect I think I was just tired but didn’t want to go to bed, but Analysis Paralysis (considering too much data for a decision and thus getting overwhelmed and not doing anything) seem to fit what I was experiences.  But still I just felt weird and it was hard to explain, when researching Analysis Paralysis I came across “Cognitive Distortions” in Wikipedia.  What stuck out was “Many cognitive distortions are logical fallacies” Namely “All or Nothing thinking”.  I won’t go so far as to duplicate all the info I read, just my thoughts on the matter.

Life goes on, there will be nights when you want to conquer the world…and it simply will not happen that night.  So many things are doing the little things daily, building a habit, we know the saying “Death by a thousand cuts” and I firmly believe that Success by a thousand cuts hold true as well.  If you read stories of Bill Gate, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, and so on, it is the repetitive work changes little things as needed or experimented upon that create their success.

Even last night (from the date of writing this blog, which this blog is scheduled to post at a later date) I was anxious that I only had two scheduled blog posts left and I was too busy with my day job work to write some more. And again, the fallices of Cognitive Distortion crept in that I would ultimately fail in this blog and working on an online presence.  This time I just watched two movies on Netflix (vegged) and played a game of Starcraft II.  Sometimes you won’t win that night and we are all human, you have to relax and be unproductive at times.  I mean just look now, I lost two nights but the blog is rolling on, don’t fret.