So I got an Asus Transformer Tablet from my boss at work, we striked up a deal and I thought that it would make my work a lot quicker.  Now after having it for two days I have some thoughts:

The Cons:

*  The polaris office suite is awful:  I thought with the Polaris Office Suite that I could get a lot of work done, but as it turns out the spreadsheet software only displays the minimum.  And to enter data actually takes some time.  Also it is a pain to switch between documents, the software simply cannot have two instances of the program open. The charts in my spreadsheets are backwards and I cannot change it, very frustrating for when I want to get a point across with a chart.

* I cannot close applications:  I dunno if they are hogging memory the whole time or not, but when I tap the icon to see all opened (or maybe it is just recently used applications) there are a ton of them, so getting to the one I need is a pain.  When there are just too many I have to turn off the machine and turn it back on again.  If someone knows the remedy please tell me!

*  Not good writing:  I am trying to blog and take notes and all the good stuff, I even tried to write this post with the Transformer.  Even with the keyboard it cannot keep up, it omits letters I am typed and when it doesn’t miss something it takes a few seconds to render the characters on the screen.

*  No idea what browser I should use:  The stock browser is actually pretty good, but some sites it insist on the mobile version, it is a big enough screen that that shouldn’t be the case.  And when trying to blog inside the browser I cannot cut and paste!


The Pros:

It is not all bad…

*  Music player is cool:  The music player is cool and straight forward.

*  Portable:  It is nice to close it and not think about it again until need it.  To show someone some documents and whatnot.

*  The wife likes angry birds: It looks very vibrant on the tablet.

That’s all I can think of right now, this may be a premature assessment of the tablet but I thought I would get it and take off, there are a lot of things I would like it to do better for the cost of the item.  Let me know if there are ways that I can improve this device, thanks!