(Makeup for the 10th of November)

So I am not going to recount all the information about the flood in Thailand or the number of computers that won’t sell due to lack of hard drives, but I wanted to disect or just give thoughts on how fickle the computer industry is.

This hard drive shortage is a good wake up call, just think about 30% of computers that will be in demand that won’t be able to ship.  If you think about all the parts of a computer there are dozen I can think of right now that if there was a shortage there would be no computer, RAM, Processors, motherboards, power supplies, cd-roms (you could work around this surely),  any number of the certain chips that go in the motherboards or other components…plastics, silicon, hard drives (as we are seeing now),  and so on I am sure.  Suddenly I was thinking I have to make sure that my hard drives last, (like they wouldn’t anymore now cause of the shortage…).

I personally think there is no reason to panic, my laptop from 2007 only needed a new hard drive once and that was a while ago.  Hard drives have a decent life span that this can be managed… just sucks for all the newer companies and people who  want new computer…but 70% will do alright, and they will be paying more for those hard drives.  I have my two laptops and a tablet and phones and whatnot that all have storage so I should be okay.