(Makeup for the 14th of November)

So I got a messenger bag to replace my backpack and was going to try and have less junk that I have to carry around.  Right now I have portfolio binder that zips up with a bunch of papers, an iPhone 3gs(that is a PDA for now), and Android Phone, a Tablet, a Laptop and a Kindle.  Now the thing is these devices are “time savers” and help you be much more portable, but the thing is that each item does one thing really well so I want to bring them all with me.  Sure Apple says that the iPhone does everything, but it is in a Nazi kind of way, the Android phone also does everything but not as polished, and development can’t be done (by me anyway) on a mobile device, so I need the laptop.

Hunkering Down:

So I have come to realize that for going all over the place I just need the tablet and a phone, I am not gonna sneak in 5 minutes of programming here and 30 seconds of content building there, I usually have to hunker down and get in the zone.