*(Makeup for the 13th of November)

There are many services that are free online that contain a lot of personal information.  My email, social networks and portable devices all have a good deal of information.  What is being done with all of it, marketing, ads and data collection on your habits, likes and dislikes….anything that might help companies figure out how to sell and what to sell to you.  It seems a fair trade off to me since I have reliable email and endless communication to friends and family.

It is a concerning thing to have everything about you out there, but for one we are the ones who put it out there, and for two, as a friend from a previous job kept saying, “Our government is not cool enough to do anything for us nobodies.”  Kind of a weird way to say it, but if you think about it, if any entity wanted to mess with you, they probably wouldn’t even bother with facebook, it is a small fry credit card scammers you gotta worry about…and even then just don’t open stupid emails.

Just saying.