I gave my Android Tablet (the Asus Transformer) a harsh review the first few days I had it, but now that I am getting productive with it, I have much better things to say about, and the only way to explain it is the bag o’ tricks that it has now become for me.  Here are some of the ways that I have put it to good use:

*  Emails:  I have a widget that tell me about any of the emails I received and can view all of them in the email application.

*  Browser:  In the browser I have bookmarked my:
–  Android app publishing page
–  Android app sales page
–  Admob ad revenue page
–  My blog
–  My Banking
–  And of course some news sites

*  Notes:  The Super Notes app that came stock was pretty cool, but lacking in some odd areas such as wanting me to have pages instead of a continuous note.  So I downloaded Inkpad.  With this note taking app I am doing the following:
–  Ordering for the Computer shop I work for
–  Ripping up sticky notes that are cluttering my desk
–  Church meeting notes
–  Quick contact info
–  Blogging Ideas

*  Task N Todos:  This has been a great little app that gives me 3 categories I can put my tasks into and has a great widget that I can put on my desktop to be able to review my notes, right now I am using it for:
–  Work tasks
–  Personal tasks
–  Church tasks

*  Astrid:  This will probably replace my Task N Todos app, but in the free version the widget isn’t as big as Task N Todos widget.  Not doing much with it now but I believe that I will soon enough.

*  Tweetdeck:  While it seems that it was not designed with the tablet in mind it still works great to give me the feeds from Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare…(Buzz is no longer being done from Google).

*  Google Plus:  This of course is a great app for Google plus… BUT MORE PEOPLE NEED TO GET ON GOOGLE PLUS!!!

*  BeyondPod:  This gives me all the podcast feeds that I want to follow, have not had the time to listen to a lot of podcast but there will be some down time sooner or later.

*  Netflix:  What more can I say, I can get all the stuff I watch on my Wii on my tablet, just awesome, my wife and I catch a few Zombie flics will chilling in bed!

*  Gospel Library:  I am a Mormon and have my scriptures and other church publications all automatically on my tablet, and that saves me a lot of books to carry, and those books are not also read, but you never know when you might need to have one handy.

*  Polaris Office:  I am getting better with this but there are still many things lacking, but I am using it for Inventory, Company info and Phone prices (when it works).

The Polaris Office topic reminds me that I must stress that you should test something before trying to use it in production,  I had the excel spreadsheet of phone prices that looked pretty good, when I tried to use it to get a phone price I discovered that all the prices where “N/A”  the file was good but something happened that changed all the prices…so just double check that kind of stuff (and everything else) before you are in front of a customer or client and look stupid saying “Oh let me just find that for you on my tablet…oh nevermind that prices are not there…”

*  Thinking Space:  I got this on an App binge while visiting friends and family in Utah, and it is amazing, just amazing!  Download and unload your mind into it!  I now have a better grasp of the company that I am working for, the books I am trying to write, and my plan to get out of debt and build wealth, I cannot explain it in word…just get the app!

*  Calendar:  Pretty much the same as a computer or phone calendar, but just really handy on a tablet.

*  Skype:  On the Asus Transformer Skype is amazing, only downfall is not being able to kill the app if there is a problem.  But I was able to Skype with my wife and daughter in Canada while I was in Utah and it worked great….most of the time.

*  Maps: Being as I have wifi only tablet (I am not made of money here), I really need a map app that caches all the maps that I need, please advise me on a good one…

*  SharePlusLite:  Good app for viewing tasks and files on a SharePoint server, you have to purchase the full app if you want to do more.

*  Slacker/Pandora:  These are great audio streaming services based on a song or artist, Slacker works great in Canada and. of course, Pandora in the States.

*  Wordpress app:  This is pretty decent, could have more features but I need to work with it more to get the most out of it.

*  Kindle:  A great app that you can read all your kindle book, but I still like reading from the actual Kindle device.

I honestly think that I could not get along without my tablet now.  Sorry Asus for being mean to your Transformer Tablet!