I have the privlege of knowing many highly educated and highly opinionated individuals, but I have noticed a pattern that concerns me, and maybe I am in the wrong and others should be with me, but no decent argument is made for the latter.  But when I discuss business and finance people are mad at the wealthy, loathe businesses and government, and quote so-called facts all the day long.  I use to be one of those kind of people, but as I grew up a little and matured (very slowly of course), I figured that nothing happens when all you do is whine, someone else is not going to make everything better for you.  So I have made a goal to become wealthy, not to stick it to anyone, but to alleviate stress, make life a joyful experience instead of a dreadful, down trodden one.  And another pattern emerge where people will keep telling you all the reasons you can’t and won’t…but a funny thing, since I have been paying my debt and not accruing more, I have less stress, and my wife seems happier.

So here is the deal, I am NOT one of the 99%, I am on my way to the top reguardless if anyone beleives it is possible or not, and when I am there I will be missing all of you that will loathe me for getting there, for everyone else comes join me, the economy is one of abundance, not scarcity.