Last night I wanted to work on programming, blogging, just open my two laptops and tablet and start creating digital masterpieces of Android apps, blog posts, and spreadsheets…(Yes a little nerdy, but married so I don’t have to hold back!)  But my head was just not in the game, I could veg out to music or watch a movie, but I could not bring myself to do something productively creative… I thought about why I have stints of ineptitude like this quite often, I may be too hard on myself but I want to excel in life I want to do more than most people think a person can as a middle class Joe.

So I thought of why I was tired and my brain was in a stupor, I am running at half capacity, probably even a lot less.  My brain had an idea and then quickly lost it, I would be excited about something only to start and then get tired quickly.  I’m not a lazy person and I want to do more, what I find as I keep analysing this is that I am very unhealthy.  You may have a picture of me as an overweight, toothless hobo, but really I look like everyone else, and if I actual get around to gelling the hair I even look really good(no narcissus here…), but I drink entirely too much Pepsi in a day.  I am in Utah again at the time of this writing, and fountain drink are commonplace here where as no so much in Canada where I am living at.  But I drank a 44oz and then later a 32oz. and felt pretty awful all day, then to compound the problem I don’t eat breakfast, like most of my family before me.

Some since revelations, nothing new just harsh reminders that I could be doing a lot better if I were running at full capacity.