It was really interesting to have my older brother tell me the story of a customer who bought a phone from me via a sticky note conversation.  I did not remember this until my brother told me more of the details.  This gentleman comes into the store and I am stuck on the phone, I know the guy so as soon as I recognize that I will not be able to get off the phone in any timely manner I grab a sticky note pad and write “What’s going on?” and hand it over, he looks at it for a second and then writes something back to the effect that he needs a phone, so we write back and forth and by the time I am off the phone I am activating a new iPhone!

I was pretty proud of myself when my brother said, “Yeah I could see that.”  This is a case where I did something a little strange to perform better than I usually do at my job, and it was a memorable experience..(more so for the customer in this case I suppose).  I think that us office dwellers need to reflect from time to time and take pride in the great job that we are doing…if you have no great experiences to draw from, then make them, just try, instead of getting stressed out (a past time of mine when I am not careful), go above and beyond and make a story, even if you forget it I am sure someone else will tell your story for you.