So I went down to Utah for my inlaws American Thanksgiving, the trip we had perfect weather, the week long stay was awesome, and the trip back home (the 16 hour drive) also had perfect weather.  There were no issues at the borders, life was grand…then about 15 minutes before making it back to Drumheller, Alberta… A deer materialized out of nowhere, I barely had time to realize it was a deer, we hit and the deer went flying, it did not wake my 2 year old daughter and after my wife and I found that we could still drive the car we both realized that neither of us had an adrenaline rush which usually accompanies such an accident.

Dunno what to take from this experience really, every morning when I look out the window I think, “stupid deer”.  But I suppose this goes to show that you should be ready for anything at any stage in any trip….