I have been back from my vacation for 2 days now, and I still really struggling at work, the first day back my brain was all but shutdown, I couldn’t even think straight for most of the work day, I had left some things undone, and while the tasks were in a public place for anyone at work to see, I did not invest the time to get anyone to own those tasks, so none of them were done.  So Monday was crazy catch-up day.  So I have thought up some pointer for myself and for others who care to heed them about going on vacation.

*  Prep a few work days in advance, get all the tasks down in a publicly accessible forum (well public for your company I mean) and then give an update to your manager, boss or co-workers on what you have already done, and what needs to be done.

*  Do all you can so you have no tasks left, if you have tasks left over inform others you work with that they will not be done unless someone else does them…(If you have the authority or you think others will actually do it, you can assign tasks out to your co-workers)

*  Stop taking task a few days before you leave:  If you tell someone you will get them a quote the day before you leave, no matter how well intentioned you are you will forget as you are driving to you holiday destination.

*  If you can help remotely great, if not don’t worry about it, it took me 3 days to stop thinking about work while on my week vacation, and I still didn’t help at all while I was gone.

*  Get good sleep when your vacation is over, if you act like you are still on vacation the night before going back to work, you will have a rough day….a very rough day.

*  The second day will always be better than the first:  So you just get back from vacation, it was fun, carefree, and rejuvenating, then you get back to work and it is the opposite of all that, you can’t help but think I got to get out of this job of this life etc etc.  Then the second day things will calm down, you will have things under control…at least to some degree, and you will remember that you get paid from that job and it is not all that bad….if not go read “Quitter” by Jon Acuff again or for the first time.