I really like Google, I like their email and the cool no Social network they put out, I like all the neat stuff they are doing and the wicked awesome mobile Android OS for tablets and phones.  I was very disappointed with the product of their Google Music.

First off it does not work at all in Canada…the border is about four hours away, Hawaii is in the middle of nowhere yet the music can’t make it farther north?

Second off, the music only works when you are connected to the internet….so it is a streaming services but with songs you downloaded to your account.

Okay that is all I really got for now, I understand that music is a touchy thing legally, and that Apple is in control of all that now, but as long as you have no DRM on the music and allow it to go to whatever device or platform, I am fine with it.  I was just really excited for Google music and only had a few minutes to play with it in the States, so I guess I gotta look more into it.