I feel rather negatively about tasks lately.  My tasks list increases 4 or 5 tasks for every 1 that I get done.  The more and more I add the more paralysed I become.  Some notes about a task list.

* Because people see a task list does not mean they will do anything about it.

* Somehow force a day where no new tasks are added to the list (this seems impossible in a retail setting)

* Group certain tasks together:  In my tasks I have ORDERS: for ordering products, RESEARCH: for a client that needs to know something, and STICKY NOTES: task that just have what sticky notes all over my desk and monitor say in case any of them actually had something important on them.  ORDERS are more important than RESEARCH people expect product by a certain time, RESEARCH questions from customers are more forgiving than product orders.

* Take advantage of you time:  I run into the problem of not wanting to get started on ordering items because a customer will walk in the door and thwart whatever I was doing, so I just don’t get started unless I have a lot of time. Well in retail that is impossible to tell and thus crippling in those responsibilities.  I will be trying harder to sneak in those time to hack away at the large task list instead of adding to it.

* Let go of work if you have to let go of work anyway:  Every night as a looming task list haunts me at the end of the day I think to myself that when I get home I am going to work on all those tasks.  Then I get frustrated as I am home and have to help cook, wash dishes, put the kid to bed, discuss finances and take out the trash…then I am tired and want some of that rest and relaxation that people need after working all day.  I learned that if I am needed at home then I have to leave the work behind, perhaps if the tasks cannot be completed at work during the work day, then something else needs to be done, maybe another person hired or others trained and assigned certain tasks.