Writing books…I think almost anyone with any level of ambition has wanted to write a book.  About what? At first that doesn’t really matter.  Why?  Well that may matter a little more.  If you want to write a book for the sake of writing a book, the you might end up writing a book about writing a book (writing a blog post about it is much easier and less time consuming).

I think a big why is that we are creative and brilliant people, we want to have a testament that we made something cool, that the content of our minds are something that contributed to the human experience.

Now is the best time to do just that, there are no barriers to writing, nothing stopping you, in fact the very opposite is true, there is a word processor of some sort on almost any electronic device.  There are endless places on the internet, for free or paid, to write in many different forms.  I am most excited about the Kindle self publish that is available.

A funny thing is that with so much available, there is a lot written that is dribble, indeed what you are reading now may fall in that category for you at this moment.  But being as there are no barriers, there is no quality control.  So now, more than ever, we have to choose what to read, because to read it all would make you stuck reading and never doing anything else.

I have a few different ideas for books at the moment, one about making peace with software….kindle funny and don’t have much content for it, I would love to do a zombie book, but dunno how to be completely original in that, and a book about raising up from the ashes of mediocrity, which is the one that I feel most compelled to write.

Lucky for me I can make a few drafts and get a lot of feedback from almost anywhere, and then make the book a lot better.  Good luck in your writing!