Being Overwhelmed is a strange state of being.  When we perceive that too much is required of us, instead of (always) rejecting the overwhelming stimuli, we try to do it and then shut down.  I think more realistically is that we are overwhelmed because we are in no position to turn down the things that overwhelm us.  If work demands it we must comply for fear of losing job, pay, and possessions.

I think some preventative medicine needs to come into play here.  Being overwhelmed to me is like being trapped, a rope around your neck, the Borg from Star Trek, resistance is futile, basically you are surrounded by zombies.  But there are things that got us to that point (I say us but I mean me since I don’t know everyone who might read this), we accepted debt, we accepted too many responsibilities, we neglected to say “whoa, stop, this is too much!”  Also many times I have neglected to do the simply tasks that could have been done quickly and then after a week or a month all those tasks burying you like a ton of dirt over a casket…and nothing gets done at that point.

A few recommendations, things I have actually done but the same suggestions will show up in a google search.

* Exercise:  I had a terrible time trying to write a college paper, I was full of anxiety and dread over it, I simply could not write it.  So I went to the school gym and jogged for a half hour and lifted weights for a half hour…. It was incredible how easy I was able to turn out that paper!

*  Ask for help:  It is an awkward thing to do, may feel like you are failing or that you are weak or what have you, or worse yet maybe your plea for help will be refused.  But on the bright side if you do get help you succeed and your helping friends succeed as well and become closer friends, if you are refused (say at work or with a project) and you fail, you can look people in the eye and say “I tried and I am happy with what I was able to do.”  If you asked for their help, when you fail they cannot belittle you or put all the blame on you (well I guess people can do anything they want, but if they treat you negative in this situation then they are people you do not want to be around at all if you can help it).

* Drink water:  This may be a little funny, but I drink too much soda, if I am feeling rather overwhelmed, a soda fast and an increase of water drinking really does wonders…cleaning out the body I suppose.

* Writing/Organizing:  This is one of my favourite past times, stress reliever, and health promoting practices that I ever do.  I feel overwhelmed when I do not understand what is going on, what is expected, how something is done, or something has to happen yesterday.  I write in a Journal (I have not been good about that lately, my last journal book fits the past 5 years of my life where prior to that I would fill about a book a year), I make notes of everything I read…that I like, I keep a series of mind maps on my Android tablets.  Before all my gadgets I had pocket books of notes and ideas that I had and referred back to them often.  If nothing else writing gives peace to my soul, for what reason I am not always sure, but it does, so writing is something that I highly recommend.