So the Headline might be a little cheesy, but the prospect of passive income has always been an exciting topic in mind.  Wikipedia states Passive Income as such: “Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.”  Oddly enough Wikipedia does not go into the meaning of the words as much as went the IRS and Government think about income that is passive.  I have thought long and hard about it on many occasions so here are some of my thoughts.

Passive income has to be aggressively sought out, and I mean AGGRESSIVE!  One of the best, most often told (at one point or another) stories is that of the man who had to fetch water everyday from the near by stream.  Nearby meaning a mile or two away.  When the man dropped a bucket of water he would (after he was done cussing) noticed that the water flowed towards his home, the thing he wanted moved towards where he wanted it.  Realizing that his home was lower in elevation from the stream, he could divert the stream to go right by his house and by others houses at the same time.  To do this he had to spend many days digging a ditch from his house towards the stream, to do it the other way around the water would get in his way as he try to work on the ditch.  After working on the ditch a few hours a day, he still had to go and fetch a bucket of water for him and his family to sustain themselves on.  After many days of hard work and others making fun of him he connected the ditch to the stream and water flowed to his home and those around him.  He was free from both the labour of ditch digging and fetching water, he went to grander pursuits and his family never wanted for water…something that was difficult to get in this story…picture it being a frontier village in the 1800’s or something.

When I heard this story it was simply that a guy fetched water while another guy worked harder and made a ditch to have water flow to him.  But as I pondered the meaning of the story more and more was added to my rendition, I probably could have added more.  But now to dissect the story.  Water in this story I equate to money,  we all need to go and fetch a little money to live off of and support our families.  The ditch that the man dug is working towards passive income and when the work in complete the thing you need to sustain you will flow past you and you can focus on better things!

Some of my passive income ventures right now are:

Android apps:  Currently bringing in $30-$40 a month on average, the highest month brought in $190!  I worked really hard and even got my dad involved in it for a bit, it peaked and then it simmered down, but even not doing anything with for the last few months that $30-$40 is still coming in, that pays for Netflix and part of the internet bill!

Android app Ads:  I have ads in all my free Android apps, and that in bring in an average of 20 cents a day, the highest day brought in 89 cents.  Nothing to retire on but every little bit helps and it still makes money even as I take a break from it.

Writing:  This little venture has not brought in anything yet, I am practising my writing skills online, and working on one book right now.  When I complete (at least a good draft) I will publish to Amazon Kindles self publish program.

Self Improvement:  This is the Passive and Aggressive income regiment that I believe makes the most difference.  To ward off negativity, to give all you got to your employer when you naturally are inclined to hold back, to know that you don’t deserve something unless you go out and get…properly.  To push yourself outside your comfort zone, allow yourself to make mistakes….and so on.

Something important on the path to getting that passive income that I mentioned in the story, start digging the ditch from home, else the water will get in the way, give you a cold, make your hands to soggy to work hard.  The same is true for the passive income, you want it now (I know I do) but if you start digging at the wrong end, expecting immediate payoff… then you are heading for disaster…I know I did, feeling bitter towards everyone else for not making me rich.  Also that even as you work a little extra, you still got to fetch a little water to live, so you can’t make a big scene at your day job cause you started making 20 cents a day on your apps….that would be the definition of foolish. Wikipedia would put your (my) picture on the page with the such words ‘near-sighted’, ‘impatient’, and ‘failure’.

To all those working own their own ditch I wish the best of luck as I work on mine!