This post is not meant to be negative or turn anyone against mankind and look for the formula to make zombies a reality, but I have been thinking about this for a little bit so I hope I can articulate it well.

Nobody cares.  Nobody cares about you or what you care about more than you.  It is very simple to grasp, if you are hungry I will not get a rumble in my stomach (unless I happen to be hungry at the same time…),  if you hate your job, hey so does everyone else, nothing will happen.  If you are sad, hey so is everybody else!  Nothing will happen.  It is the oddest thing to me in high school that when something bad happened to someone and they tried to talk about it, the only thing that would happen is that everyone else had something worse happen to them, their parents understand them least of anyone else’s parents, the boy or girl of their dreams crushed them more than yours did, so why bother even saying you were crushed, obviously you were much less crushed than they.  Getting a little too crass here, but the point I want to draw out about this is:

Care about your yourself:  My mom and dad would always say to us kids “You worry about you and quit worrying about everyone else!”  This, of course, was after we all tattled on each other, but they have an incredible point that we can take in out adult lives.  Worry about ourselves, don’t try to correct everyone else, don’t try to make others better when you will not bother to do the same for yourself.  Huh…I am sure there is a Bible verse somewhere along these lines….

Care for others:  It may be true that nobody else cares, but I believe that this is a impossibility if you care about other people, sure this is cheesy, but my mind is always driven to making things better than they are, so if you want friends you gotta care more than being self centred….this may be hard not to confuse with the first point in this post, but caring about yourself is taking personal responsibility for your self, not blaming other etc, and in the second point you are giving to others what you would like to receive.

This was not a poetic as I thought it would be but at least I tried.