So many of my posts, emails and interactions with people are trying to drive towards action.  Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!  I blitz down from Alberta, Canada to Utah for a wedding, came back and worked a week and then went down again for the inlaws Thanksgiving.  Then getting back to work after a week in Utah I was overwhelmed with all the stuff I had to do at work…weird how a task list you make for everyone to see…and it was not even remotely touched…anyhow, long story short I got pretty sick these last few days.  Finally on Sunday (and because the Lord says it is a day of rest) I broke down and told my wife I am staying in bed all day until I get better.  So she went to church with our two year old (and the 7 months along baby in her belly) and I started to work….very proactively…on getting some rest, the following is my get better regiment:

* Sleep….from 10pm the night before to 11am the next morning

* Steam shower….basically have the water as hot as it can go and let it steam up the bathroom…don’t actually shower in it you could get burned, I sat in the steamed up bathroom until I ran out of water, then got the humidifier and has that run full blast in the bathroom while I played a WWII game on my tablet…my mom was texting to my email and thought the steam would ruin the tablet, but the humidifier is weak sauce when it comes to keeping things steamy.

* Vicks vapor rub:  I use to be silly and put this right under my nose thinking that the only thing it was meant for was breaking up snot.  Turns out it soothes your muscles in your chest and throat…who could have known!?

* Chicken Noodle Soup:  Yeah…I had four cans of Campbells Chicken Noodle Soup, and each one was fantastic, the saltly water made the sharp pains in the throat all but disappear.

* General Conference Talks:  If you are not LDS then I will let you know that General Conference is when church leaders give talks to instruct and teach.  One talk was on wasting time….the speaker even mentioned wasting so many hours throwing angry birds at concrete walls!

* Scriptures:  Another talk from General Conference talked about the power of scriptures…that all the healing they do can lead to physical healing, so I gave that a shot as well.

* Music:  Well with the other points getting religious, music is also very soothing and healing, but some of the songs I have I would not say they are spiritual but it is an enjoyable vice that I am sure contributed to my getting a little better.

I also took: Sinus Pain reliever– day and night editions, vitamin C pills,  Airbourne, and drank a lot of water.  Pepsi made my throat feel better for moments at a time, but probably did not lend to my overall getting better.

In case you did not know the note at the top is the quarter rest in music and if my wife wanted to write I am sure she could make a correlation to rests in music and in our lives…