I have a niece who one time was sad cause I would not play along with something and I asked her if she was sad and she said, “I am a little bit sad.”  It made me laugh for a good little bit and I quoted it to my wife and friends for a good while.  It was a brilliant answer though, yeah she was sad but nothing that would stop her from moving on, I think she got a kick out of how funny I thought it was.

Now my answer to the often un-asked (and once in a while asked) question of ‘Am I sorry for getting on your nerves?’  The answer is similar to my niece’s.  I am a little bit sorry.  Nothing that will deter me by any means, I am an anxious and fretful person.  I’ve wasted a lot of time and am in the process of  ‘trying’  to make up for it.  So I ask what are you doing, what are your plans?  You having money problems?  Then what are you planning to do about it?  I love asking these questions and when people ask me the same or more difficult questions.

I have an overwhelming belief that I am responsible for me, that people are responsible for themselves,  I have this sense of urgency to make something more of myself, to do and help others around me do more.  I know I get on people’s nerves, but when I talk about about plans to get rich or write that book, or accomplish something that seems like a far away dream, I am trying to do so as a co-conspirator.  I want us to have , or be part of, that success story of someone who started in a basement or garage, I never mean to demean or belittle anyone ever.

I am sorry if you were to be mad with me, but only a little bit sorry, and only because I’m a social person and I don’t like it when someone is mad at me, but I will never be sorry for pushing, asking, and conspiring to do something great great with your life or my own, if anything I wish I could turn off the social sensitivity filter and not even be sorry when someone is mad at me.