The other night I was in a strange sort, I wanted to read my Steve Jobs book, but I also wanted to read a book about Warren Buffet, then to add to that I really wanted to work on the book that I am writing.  Somehow after all these pulling desires and emotions I ended up cleaning up my junk in the basement and saw name of old friends with telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.  I should get in touch with ALL of them, but I just don’t have the time!

I get an irrational fear sometimes that if I don’t get everything done right now or this night or that day, that I will fail in life (again pointing to cognitive distortions).  Oddly enough the next morning I felt great at work and got lots done…is this is some way bipolar?  Who knows, but regardless there is just too much to read.  The Steve Jobs biography is fascinating and inspiring and I am almost halfway done with it, so I will focus on that when I am not writing, or cleaning, or stressing out or what have you.

Sometimes when there is too much to read you have to clean instead.  Declutter!  A missionary from California once told me that the state of your desk is a reflection of the state of your mind, at first I thought this was silly, but the cleaner and more clear my desk was, the better I could study my scriptures.