As soon as I got word the Steve Jobs had passed away, I saw all these links pop up about a biography of his life with a black and white picture of him in round rimmed glasses.  I have been smitten with the iPhone when it came out in 2007, and I have day dreamed a lot about technology when I read Mac magazines in a technology class in high school where the teacher was almost never there.  I don’t prefer Apple products but I will always happily admit they have stirred my imagination.

I got this book on my Kindle, when my Android app sales brought in a whopping $39.36 on November 2nd from my sales in October.  I bought the book and start reading it as quickly as I could.

The biggest thing I take away from this book is Steve Jobs audacity.  He did things that no one else could cause he would be brutally honest with people, and disregard, or more accurately discard, people who would not play up to his standards.  He had emotional highs and lows but always was doing something amazing.

As fas as the computer industry goes this books shows to the wondering reader how Apple (Steve) made things amazing while all other companies made thing a hair better each iteration.

I told my wife when I was about 3/4th done with the book that I wanted to buy Macs, nothing to do with the computer, but with the personality and sheer power of the man behind the products and the company (we already have a Mac Mini that is almost exclusively my wife’s computer).

I am hoping that I will retain and apply many of the business and life principles that I have gleaned from this book, I listened to the last half of the book via, and as I listen to the last of it off of my Asus Tablet, I had the same melancholy feeling that I had when I got watching Cowboy Bebop.  If there are others with the same drive and vision that this man had, then the future holds some very interesting things!