I sincerely hope that as you read the title of this post, that you pictured the numbers 2012 dancing from side to side as a gun slinging cowboy shot at it’s feet.  2011 was something else, a bizarre dream and an emotional roller coaster…that over the last few months has stagnated to some degree.  At the beginning of this year I posted on Facebook something to the effect of “Bring it on 2011…You cheeky bastard!” (Sometimes I wish I were British, I love the way they talk!).  Things did not not go as smooth as I had plan, and I did not make anywhere near the money I had planned either.  But I have gained experiences and made additional connections so as to have more opportunities to take advantage of.

The reason I try to make you think of shooting at the feet of 2012 and taunting it to dance to your fancy…is to illustrate what we will have to do to make 2012 a good year.  We got to pull out the six shooters, lock and load, pull out the Indiana Jones outfit and hold on to the rope dragging us behind a truck at 60 miles and hour.  As the marine from Starcraft puts it so frequently, “Go, Go, Go”, “We gotta move!”  Everyone is in different stages in their lives, I have been studying, listening to instructional media, calculating and planning.  It is my time to shake the world, turn things upside down.  The year 2012 will be tossing you around like a rag doll if you do not make it dance, decide now what 2012 will be.  Don’t be a tool and make grandiose proclamations right around new year and then be the extra tooly tool that gives up on all of them just before January ends.

What am I doing to not be a tooly tool (I better put my money where my mouth is if I am gonna admonish others in a blog post)?  I have been scheming intensively since my the consulting gigs have died out when the holidays ramped up.  I have been building my consulting content and curriculum for the software classes I will be teaching.  On the 15th of this month I will be meeting with school board members at a Christmas lunch.  I have been handing out my business card to every customer that has walked into the store where I work.  I have been trying (often unsuccessfully since I don’t know what the previously employee knew) to be the best employee I possibly can be.

A lady I worked with was making poking fun at my “I will be rich someday” talk and asked if I was even doing anything towards it, to her dismay I had a mind map built on my tablet of all the thing I was currently working on and futures plans in detail, she tried to walk away but I showed her all the different branches of things I was working on, she didn’t know what to think.  Her and many others have said to me after viewing the mind map, “Don’t forget us little guys when you make it big.”

I am excited for 2012, but when I am doing the things for my 2012 goals, the actions and outcomes that will bring me success will come from actions starting in the last quarter of 2011.