Sometimes I really feel like I got the short end of the stick.  I at times dwell on how my older brother is smarter and has more engineering aptitude.  That my little brother and sister are having a fun college experience while mine was riddled with anxiety.  That I took German for years and years and my LDS mission took me to English speaking Texas (two states over, two states down…I was living in Utah at that time).  I get on a pity party train and think of terrible experiences that I have had such as the horrible Canadian border guard on an ego trip in 2008.  There are many more little things that I could blow up and sulk over, but this is a really stupid thing to do.

In the previous paragraph there is nothing but covetousness, bitterness, and stupidity.  And these things only hurt me, and to the amount that you allow them, they are hurting you too.  When we rely on circumstance we are bound to fail, become bitter, and to covet all that everyone else has, hating them for having it, and for the audacity of being content with what they have or what they are.  Maybe you and I got the short end of the stick in one way or another, but that just gives you a more incredible story when you go from nothing to something, to a lot of something!

On my mission I was not good at memorizing scripture, so I hard to try harder, other missionaries could memorize something after saying it three times, I would go for a few hundred times…by the end of my missions I was consider a scriptorian, and love discussing and learning about the scriptures with others.  Something amazing happened on my mission, I did not learn German, but I learned the language of people, how to know if they liked or hated me, pick up on different cues and have an intuition.  This has helped me in business and consulting to a large degree.

This discussion has some of the points I was trying to convey in the “Nobody Cares” post.  We need to forgive others, not blame others, and not blame circumstances, we need to wake up, wipe the delusion from our eyes and be extremely happy for the experiences that we have had, for the aptitudes that we have.  I am vastly blessed with a family of many brothers, who are quick to say, “Suck it up Princess,” or “Poor Michael” in an insincere way.  But even more they are quick to discuss plans, schemes, ideas, and all sort of interesting things.

There is not a person on this earth who did not get the short end of the stick in one way or another, I believe the difference is that some get over it and others don’t, I always hope to be the former.