I play Starcraft II when I get the chance.  I usually will play online against who ever it pits me up against…I lose about 2 or 3 onlines games in row…take it personal, and play until I win.  And when I win I win big with almost all the resources the map has to offer, maxed out units, and more building than I really need (I try to spell stuff with supply depots…if you know anything about the game.)

It was a funny thing to think that if I had put forth the mental effort and had as much fun working as I did playing this game, I would be unstoppable at whatever I was doing.  So I decided that I need to work like I played…this had some challenges and was difficult to master, my thoughts on the matter:

*  Games give instant feedback Work does not…not always.

*  Winning at work has a longer lasting effect of joy and accomplishment than games.

*  There are more things to worry about in Real Life:  In StarCraft II when you start a game you have to worry about how your opponent is gonna play, his/her tactics, what race they are playing and the strengths and weaknesses of those races.  It seems like a lot.  But enter in to real life and work.  You have to know how to interact with co-workers, your boss, and the customers.  The messages and ways to treat each one is vastly different, and the messages that you get from each one often conflict or are just not realistic.

*  There has to be a way:  In all the books I read of people that become successful, there is the concept that these people can’t distinct when they are working and when they are playing.  So something about work has to become more engaging, more exciting, and more meaningful.  This is a tall order, but the one that will have to be fill if I will be putting the mental effort, and getting the enjoyment out of work that I do from playing.