I am often asked about different portable devices at my work, so I thought I would just give a rundown of why you might want to get each device.

*  E-readers:
If you love reading and read for long periods at a time, than an e-reader (with the e-ink that looks like an etch n sketch) is great in that it is easy on the eyes.  Also e-readers (at least my Kindle) have a very long battery life and most can hold thousands of books.  Not good communication or internet devices.

*  Tablets:
You can read from a tablet if you so desire, but it is much harder on the eyes and you cannot read for as long.  I can tablets the “show and tell device”.  You can show others charts, pictures, and notes easily, but it is not the greatest for creating content, though you can without too much fuss, it is not as of yet a replacement for your laptop or desktop.  I have found my tablet to be great at organizing my work information and tasks…and of course it is great with all the digital forms of communication such as skype, chatting, and social networks.

*  Phones:
Most smart phones are just as capable as tablets, but lets face it, we don’t want to stare at a tiny screen or have a massive phone.  Before having a tablet this was not so for me, but you move on.  Smart phones are the number one devices for convenience, they are small enough to carry and have music, communication, and much more.  It is just that it is not a good a read as an e-reader, and not as showy as a tablet.

*  Netbooks:
All the stuff you can do with a computer but smaller and longer battery.  In all reality these are best for taking notes, but I found it useful for programming in .NET languages when I was taking Computer Science in college.

*  Laptops:
A full size laptop will have more power than all the above devices, but just not as portable or having a long battery life.  But sometimes you need more power and a bigger screen to work on videos, burn DVD, and have more storage (much more storage than the above devices).

*  iPod Touch/PDA:
This is perfect if you want the functions but not the plan, I wish there was an Android device (that was well know…I know there are a few things out there) that met the same market as the iPod touch.

Really it comes down to the best tool for what you want to do.  Hope this helps answers somebody’s questions.