So I got the book on the life of Steve Jobs, and I was really excited to read it, I got it for the Kindle and started reading it all the time.  I would do things quickly at work so I would not have to bother with them at home.  I would clean or take care of my daughter and get her to bed right on time so I could go read some more…When I finished the book, I had about a half day of feeling lost.  I was thinking about when I was looking into another book to read, and realized how driven I was by the goal to read that book.

I am not sure if this drive that came out of left field is a good thing or a bad thing, or just a thing that has to be tempered so as to not over ride important things, but is great for building the mind instead of being trapped in many little unimportant things.  Surely the goal to have a well trained and active mind drives my desire to read, and the ambitions for business are met by the content of the book about the founder of Apple.

I would think that our actions from moment to moment are driven from these unknown or unrecognised goals.  And more often than not this would be problematic.  Because the goals that naturally come to us are drives that have to be satisfied instantly, leaving more lofty goals that require time and sacrifice to be sabotaged.