Failure and Accountability are always a recipe for a sour stomach and a despairing mind.  When we fail at something and then have to tell the person or people depending on us, it makes us want to hide, run away, or blame anything or anyone else possible to alleviate the blame from ourselves.  I often considered Failure and Accountability to be closely related, basically if you want me to be accountable to you then you want me to take the fall when things don’t go right, wither it be my fault or not.  Most experiences in my life validate such a thought process…but it is wrong!

It is completely wrong in the design that accountability is suppose to support a team structure and team efforts.  When a fathers child does well the father does well,  when the Captains soldiers do well the Captain and the whole unit do well.  If there is a problem there is to be communication and effort, if not then someone needs to be release because they simple are not part of the team.

I have always had ambitious desires for business and work, but I struggled for the longest time because I did not want to answer to people, I always had negative experiences when I try to own my work and take responsibility for my mistakes…but when I read business inspirational books they all had to do the right thing regardless of the terrible bosses and co-workers and customers if they ever wanted to succeed.  So I decided to be accountable and not shy away or falter when the blame comes down and fingers are being pointed.

Even now I am probably about 70% good at being accountable, all the times I do great is no problem, but those times I mess up I still have to make an effort to own the problem and work towards the solution.  To even become this good I had to just make myself own something unpleasant, there were a couple times in the beginning of this process where I would own the mistake and then bail blaming someone else.  It is hard to change when you have taken the easy way out so many times before, and sometimes it is painful too, the world is fast paced and self centred, so your mistakes will out shine your successes.  But people will come to trust you, to seek you out, you will have a little more peace and pride in yourself.  So it is a tedious journey, but well worth it.

Besides, like the title says, failure and accountability are not going away, no matter how much we choose to not take responsibility, and never have a failure (because we never tried), you will for sure have a unique pain that you knew you could have done better, and will yearn for others trust, not sympathy.  I would much rather have people’s respect and trust than their pity and obligations.  Try it out, you will be knocked on your butt the first few times (if you were like me).  My personal desire and constant goal is to be 100% accountable, and accept the consequences of my actions, so as to be successful.  After much (slow and difficult) growth I would say that Accountability and Success are closely related.