I have been looking into groups to get involved in that would be really proactive in self progression and have an accountability structure with others in the same group.  One to discuss business ideas, and plans of actions, then the members would take actions that week and then report to others in the group.  The thesis of such a group would be helping yourself become more you would be helping the whole of mankind.  I have found no such group.  The Masons. Lions/Eagles clubs, and Rotary club seem all to be either a “Good ol Boys” clubs or just “here and there” charitable organizations.

Don’t get me wrong these kinds of groups are good in their own ways, but I want something with action, with progress (and not the liberal progress that the media spews out).  So I have thought up a group, somewhat taken from the idealology of Mastermind groups that I have read about.

The main goals of this group would be:

1st:  Debt freedom:  There is movement for the better when we are tied down, we need to eliminate our debt and get use to spending what we make, then we can move on to the other goals

2nd: Building Wealth:  Dispelling that becoming rich or being rich is evil, if we want to help others wealth will help that, if we want to be hermits, wealth will help that. etc.

3rd: Personal Development:  I do not want to be rich just for the sake of being rich, I want to develop in all ways possible, the two previous goals will help with that!

With these goals in mind the meeting would be full of activity of learning ways to increase our skills, make contacts (yeah online stuff is great, just ask for help to move a couch and see what good it does), get feedback on the progress being made or what needs to be improved.

This is just a little brainstorm, but I would really like to hear some feedback.