I love the word ‘Portfolio’…From Wikipedia you can read that this word literally means a case for carrying loose papers, but of course it has come to mean a collection of any number of things that we collect.  Financial investments, resume building accomplishments, etc.  I would like to propose the use of this word tied to ‘Income’.

Our income is not fixed…at least mine never has been and I rest assured that it never will be.  I want a day where people asks me not “How are your stocks doing?” but, “How are your incomes doing?”  To enlighten the mind into owning multiple streams of income or having options instead of just:
*  Yes I have a job…
*  No I do not have a job…
These are states, on or off, and I would prefer to never be off.

There are many options and categories to an income portfolio that we can choose to invest in at any given time.  Here are some of mine:

Active Income:
*  Day Job: Currently at Reality Bytes Inc. (The computer shop where I work)
*  Software Consulting (an active income variable income that must be worked at constantly)
*  Sidework: the odd house painting or burger flipping that comes my way.

Passive Income:
*  Android Development – Sales
*  Android Development – Ad Revenue
*  Blogging (building an online presence and honing my writing skills…also good to get myself out there talking to people)

*  In people (networking etc)
*  Savings (earns a little interest)
*  Debt freedom (saves paying a lot of interests)
*  Self: Reading, learning, getting certificates and tickets of skill, etc.

At first I was going to call this post “Prune your Income Portfolio”, but that is not what I am after, not yet anyway.  We need to tag some more possibilities, explore our options.  I choose dung cause it sounds a little funny, but also ties into the parable of giving nutrients to plants.  If your Income Portfolio tree is getting out of hand, pruning will be required, but I think that we suffer more from having one dead plant and going to the next dead plant without getting anything to grow.