A little while ago a sister in law pointed out my fallacy when I was talking about getting rid of all the government programs that drain a nations economy on people who are not willing to work.  She pointed out that I use government subsidized housing.  Have taken advantage of medicare and WIC.  Somehow I made myself out to be an okay case because I am using these things as a springboard to get out of debt and never have to use them…But I am using them now, I felt extremely hypocritical and really had to ponder about these things.  If I am going to say get rid of these programs then I should not use them, not even a little bit.  I have come to a few conclusions and re-structured some of my beliefs…which is a painful thing to do!

People are generous, and the government(s) that us 80’s babies tend to hate so much, no matter what they do, have programs to help people.  For a starving family to not take advantage of what is being offered to them is lunacy.  The problem remains and will remain that people will take the help and then never strive to do better (that is the part that really chaps me), and perhaps eliminating these programs will put a fire under the masses butts to do something, but there are still all those (myself included) that cannot help themselves at certain stages in their lives and need a little boost.  So my gratitude for what the government does has increase and I am willing to show it.

The masses have voted…or at least the vocal voting masses have voted…to have these programs, to pay their tax money towards them.  They desire to bring the bottom up.  So taking advantage of a program is not stealing, it does not make you a worse person…I often struggle taking them and feel somewhat less of a man doing so…but I now view this as the motivation to do better and then no longer need them.  The spirit in which we use these programs has a lot to do wither or not we should feel worse about it.

Compassion…I am working hard, mentally and physically, I will be in a better place tomorrow than I am in today.  But when I am in a much much better place I fear I would easily be little others for not doing what I did to get there.  But I will know that I was once there too.  That I had to wait for vouchers to get milk for my little kids, sat there with my wife stuck with grief and worry over a $20 difference in our budget and drove the streets looking for that second or even third job that would be needed.  I will be no better than anyone else once I have overcome the problems that these programs alleviate.

I don’t know exactly what the government needs to do, I just feel that it is more up to us than it is them, I want people to do what it takes, but I am grateful for the programs that have helped my family and I, and hope others will have more gratitude towards what the government has done in this fashion.