It is the season to make new goals, to reflect and to decide how to make yourself better.  But new years resolution has become an ugly word to me…meaning that you will make a goal or two before the new year and you will have given up on them or forget them all together in the first quarter of the new year.

Goals, I believe are to be set right when you think of them.  The moment you say, “I am out of shape, I need to work out.”  How pointless is it that you will not make goals for this until the new year?  Is there a magic that dictates that if you are well into the year that you cannot change anything until the new year comes?  I think absolutely not!  I have made goals, and yes I have made them in this season of reflection looking towards the new year, but I have started working towards them how, I was working at them before, but just have given them a tune up, more clarity, and revamped my efforts to make myself accountable for those goals.  I have downloaded an Android app called “Habit Droid” and it has fantastic charts that track your progress, and nags your with reminders.  Despite how long term your goals are, make quarterly goals (that is three months out of the year…), then make weekly goals.  Check yourself quarterly, weekly, daily, by every event in the day that adds to or detracts from your goals.

Be brutally honest with yourself.  Realise and accept the motive behind your goals.  I laugh at myself when I think I want to get in shape for my own health,  sadly for some reason it is not that important to me.  I’m young and my body works when I need it too.  But…the real reason I want to be fit is so that when I go swimming my wife and any other girl that sees me thinks, “Oh my I would like a piece of that!”  Shallow? Yes!  Actual motive, most definitely.  But I have also matured to the degree that there are things I want just to give me self appreciation, self worth if you will.  I love reading cause it gives me this high to know things and to be able to use bigger words!  Financial goals are much the same, I want to be rich, filthy rich, because I want freedom from worry.  I really do not have grandiose plans to give the money away…yes I will more than happily give money and better Christmas gifts to friends and family, but one of my drives is to have a nice BMW car…Be honest, your actual motive are the motives that are driving you anyway, and if they are not there, all your false or would be pious motives are not going to move you forward.

You can make a goal at any given moment, one of my favourite goals that I have accomplished is putting a line through my 7’s and mt Z’s in my handwriting so I can tell them apart from my 2’s…I have very sloppy handwriting, but I like it well enough and this goal I decided on a whim when I saw someone else write that way and I thought it was very classy.  I think that only took me a month or so and now I write that way without even thinking about it.

I wish us all the satisfaction of accomplished goals and self elevation!