When things get crazy at work, things fall apart, tasks and customers fall through the cracks and people get contentious, you (I mostly mean I) start to think of other jobs…Reasons that coworkers or your boss might be to blame.  Or you think that you might do a worse job so that you are given less responsibility.  Maybe you are not paid enough so you don’t care.  I struggle with this every so often, more often than I would care to, here are my thoughts about it.

You will never be paid enough to do your best….let that sink in, let your mind chew on that for a bit…What does that mean?  What do you do with a little factoid like that?  I have come to the conclusion that you have to do your best for you!  The more often you do your best the more often your best will come more natural to you.  Your best will get better and better.  My fault before was thinking that if I am expected to do my best in a job then I have to be paid accordingly or I would hold back, this I have come realize is a fallacy.  Life will give back what we put into it, and will pay us accordingly, hence why we often lead mediocre lives.

Another tidbit I have learned is that we cannot claim that we are capable if we never prove ourselves capable.  Such thoughts as, “I could run this business, and I would do it really well, better than my boss or whoever.”  And then we hold back because we are not the boss or we don’t think we get paid enough.  This is the same fallacy as thinking we have money because out credit card has a high limit.  We spend that which is not ours, we neither deserve it nor have we earned it.  Parts of a business, and yes even owners, coworkers, or customers may have some blame.  But really that does not vindicate us (me) in any failure in our positions.

So my conclusion is to keep up at work, roll with the punches, again I am always working at being responsible for accepting responsibility, and even more so telling other that I cannot promise or perform.  Sometimes the answer is “It will get here when it gets here.”  And you do all that you can and say, “Yes I failed, I need help or I need to try again in a different way.”  Keep up, do your best, your actual best, and if it is not good enough, get better, and if you cannot get better then you are not able to do that thing, which is fine.  But in this process work hard if you actually want to do well and move up in success.